About Us

Greetings, and welcome to my site. My name's Harold Miller and I started building and designing websites almost 10 years ago. Believe it or not I am actually a fencer by trade, hence the move to developing websites was fairly drastic, nevertheless I slipped into it quite easily and today it just is "what I do". Truth be told I've found it an interesting challenge, coming up with concepts and implementing them, from time to time seeking to generate some money from it other times just doing it for the fun of it. This site is a bit of both.

I believe that I'm not the only person to have gotten furious whenever checking out sites to get nonstop pop-up windows offering up garbage I don't need and newsletters I will never read, endless promotions and adverts stuffed in my face that has little to do with what I am hunting for, and additionally needing to sign up or sign in to accomplish pretty much anything on the majority of sites. I bet that you feel just the same once the resulting spam emails start appearing in your inbox and you have to expend your time day after day transferring this rubbish to the waste bin?

My website is not dynamic consequently the content doesn't move about or take ages to fully load. You certainly won't be required to register or sign in and I guarantee you won't get any worthless e-mails or newsletters. You'll come across a little advertising and promotion on this website, but it is not rammed down your gullet. And you will certainly not get those ridiculous pop-up windows you cannot get rid of.

It has invariably been my aim to produce straightforward, basic websites which are hassle free and load quickly. I hope I've achieved that here and that you've got what you wanted checking it out, or at the very least not been irritated by it.

I do not actually hire marquees myself so I would prefer that you don't contact me with inquiries in connection with marquees or to get quotes for marquee hire, this site was created to advise you of what is involved with hiring a marquee.

I cannot recommend or endorse any specific service, I have merely given you a few methods for locating one, the decision is in the end down to you.

Thanks once more for browsing around and I expect to see you here again soon. Harold Miller (Marquee Hire)